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My Books - The Shimmering series


With compelling characters that lure you into their lives, a fresh and spontaneous approach to contemporary romance, and the exploration of the duality that exists within us all, this insightfully original Visionary Novella promises to satisfy fans of the Urban Fantasy genre — both seasoned and new.

Dark Descent
Dark Descent, a novella
The Shimmering debut novella book one

In the city of Saint Anthony, there is a realm of existence unknown to most mortals. Far below this urban landscape, in the cavernous bowels of the Underworld, Sinda journeys to discover fantastical lands, strange cultures — and herself.  

When she is snatched from her homeland and thrust into the civilized world of humans, she comes face-to-face with the hardest quest she has ever encountered - find her way home or follow her heart. 

Is the choice even hers? 

The clock is counting down for Sinda, but time is not her only adversary — Nefarious beings seek her for their own devious designs, the Elders want to exploit her in a power play over their rivals and the godlike Solari’i hold her fate in their hands.  

With each turn she takes, Sinda draws closer to her destiny — and the salvation of the entire Underworld. 

Butterfly Theif
The Butterfly Thief



. . . to be continued . . . 

The Shimmering book two work in progress
The Shimmering book three indy independent author concept outlined



The thrilling conclusion to the Shimmering series...

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