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Reviews of Dark Descent,
The Shimmering Book One
urban fantasy

From Khyati Gautam:

"...I am surprised to have liked a fantasy book. This novella was well-written with parallel plotlines coming together in the end, so well. The characters had an appeal and intrigue that kept me hooked to the book. In fact, for the first half, I was a bit confused but as the story progressed, it turned out to be really good. On top of that, the strong female voice representation was praiseworthy. I love books where females are given power. No, I ain’t a feminazi :p but still, I would prefer them over books where women get cliche treatment.

The writing was smooth and the narrative was woven well. The book delivers what it promises and isn’t that amazing? You love fantasy? Go for this short read. You will love it."

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From "Momma":

"The Shimmering ticks all my boxes for urban fantasy. It's fast-paced, it has engaging characters, and the story caught my attention very quickly ... Most important in my opinion is the world-building, and in this case, it's quite good. I'm always turned off by world-building done by way of info dumps, so I was glad to see that wasn't a problem here. ... I'll just sum it up with the book is well-written, and it's an impressive debut in the genre. I'd recommend this one to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy."

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From "Crazy Cat Writer":

"... Wow, I was not expecting this book to be this awesome! I loved the cover and was intrigued by the blurb as it promised a lot, but I am always sceptical whenever the blurb is extremely promising ... But this book was one of those rare cases where it delivered what was promised! ... this book was a real treat as it had good characterisation, sensible theories that were not unrealistically far-fetched, awesome beings and creatures and their insatiable lust for power and related motives. This book was full of conflicts and I enjoyed reading it a LOT!

To top it all of, the book was written well and the concepts were executed conscientiously making the prose flow smoothly. And I would definitely recommend this book, the author’s debut, to all fantasy lovers."

  Read more on her blog at "The Reading Bud"

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